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  • On my 3rd year of my Graphic Design course, I was challenged to represent myself as a designer in our own self-promotion unit where we were requested to produce several promotional items, including a business card.
  • The concept consistent visual identity that would be both recognizable as well as professional, across different mediums, without the need of using a logotype, mark nor turning myself into a brand. Using typography, a solid grid structure along with layout, texture and finally colour, a consistent and recognizable visual identity was created. 
  • The business card was produced in 400 gsm matt with a matt lamination applied to both sides. The green has an enthusiastic and happy playful tone, which works well with a contrasting more serious grey, for a predominantly sophisticated aesthetic. The use of white brings balance as well as elegance to colour the palette. The typeface used is Museo, which looks polished without being stern.
    The two vertical bars on the front grab your attention, frame the content and visually lead on to the back. As you flip it, the statement will grab your attention as it is an unexpected playfulness and you will keep the card for its appeal.

(Self-Promotion on the Behance Network)

This post is posted on Thursday 31 May 2012.
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